Cranetainer Material Handler

The Cranetainer System Material Handler is the most innovative material handling equipment for the construction industry, derived from equipment and technology used by commercial fishermen in the Bering Sea of Alaska.

Cranetainer Material Handler

The Cranetainer Material Handler is our latest innovation in material handling equipment for the construction industry.

move material with a crane or forklift

Cranetainer System Material Handlers are designed to safely and quickly move building materials onto a structure by crane or forklift.

Material Handler Supermesh

The Supermesh surrounding the Material Handler prevents any objects from falling out as it is positioned overhead.

Safe material removal into buildings.

Once positioned in the building opening the Material Handler is chained off, the cover removed, and the material is pulled out safely into the building.

Moves almost any material.

Material Handlers can move almost any object or material. Windows, electrical wire, boxes, tools, toilets, doors, flooring material, cabinets, etc.

Moves full pallets.

The Material Handler can move full pallets of materials, and its fabric design allows it to collapse to a 14″ height for easy transport and storage.

High strength roller table

The unique high strength Roller Table allows materials to be pulled out of the Material Handler preventing workers from having to climb inside or hang over the building edge. The Floor Rollers slide underneath the pallet and this allows the pallet to be pulled further into the room for safety.

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Manual material handling is the largest single cause of lost workday injuries in construction.

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