Lift Shield

The Lift Shield prevents mishandled or dropped materials and tools from exiting the basket and causing injury or damage (FODS) to workers or equipment below. The Cranetainer System Lift Shield is the only attachment that covers 98% of the vertical Lift Basket area.

The unique high strength design and tensioning system of the Lift Shield can withstand the force of a 7 lb. sand bag projected into it. The mesh barrier even catches smaller objects like nuts, bolts, and screws.
The Lift Shield has two side entry openings and one front entry opening that work with both swing gate entries and slide gate entries.

The Lift Shield has access points for lanyard attachments.
Because the Lift Shield is installed on the inside of the basket, dropped objects remain within the confines of the Lift Basket.
The Lift Shield tensioning straps can be attached to the basket floor in older basket models. It has separate accessories to accommodate different toe kick designs and basket configurations.

The material used is 65% open air, which allows for high visibility.
The top of the Lift Shield can be lowered to allow workers access to perform tasks in between the top and mid rail. This can be done in small or large sections of the Lift Shield.