Genie Approval Letter

Cranetainer System’s Products the Screen Mat, Lift Shield and Lift Plan are approved for use on 8 FT Genie Platforms on the following Genie Booms:
• S-40, S-45, S-40 XC, S-45 XC
• S-60, S-60 X, S-60 XC, S-60 HC, S-60 TraX, S-65, S-65 XC, S-65 TraX
• S-80, S-80 X, S-80 XC, S-85, S-85 XC
• S-100, S-105, S-120, S-125
• Z-60/34, Z-62/40, Z-80/60
• Z-135/70, ZX-135/70

Please read the Genie approval letter for more information.

A copy of this letter must always accompany the operator’s manual in the weather resistant storage compartment located on the equipment at the jobsite where this modification/application is approved and authorized by the user/employer.